Our Mission

The Square Club is a non-profit organization consisting of primarily Current Masters & Past Masters in the 4th Manhattan District.  We are dedicated to promoting and encouraging intercourse among Masons and non-Masons throughout the district via any type of Masonic or non-Masonic Activity that are charitable, religious, scientific, literary or cultural.  We endeavor to help, aid, and assist non-Masons, Masons, and their families in a benevolent and charitable capacity through fundraising events.  Last but not least, we are proud supporters of our Masonic Youth Groups -- We are the sponsoring body of Knickerbocker Chapter, Order of DeMolay since 1992 when the chapter was re-instituted, and we also support W. Mark Sexton Assembly, Order of Rainbow for Girls.

We are always on the look out to involve more of our Brethren in our district.  Masters, Past Masters, and Brethren --- if you want to learn more, please contact us for more information about the Square Club --- Get involved and learn more how the Square Club can potentially benefit you on your continuing Masonic journey to the East, in the East or as a Past Master.